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We want you to enjoy your items and to wear them with pride, so we make them to the best standard we can. As you should already be aware, the products we sell are not made of solid gold or silver, so it is very important to care for your items in the right way to extend the life of your adornment.


– Store your adornments in an airtight jewellery box or concealable plastic bag where possible to avoid exposure to air.

– Handle them with care, be gentle when putting on and taking off your items.

– Ensure the area you wear your adornment is not moist.

Do not:

– Pull, stretch or wrap your adornment too tightly.

– Expose your adornment to substances such as perfume, water or any abrasive solutions. Be sure to remove them when bathing, showering, swimming, washing dishes or using cleaning solutions.

– Wear your adornment while exercising or in any situations where you may perspire.

– Type, write, draw etc., for long periods while wearing your adornments as this may damage your items.



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