Chakra Om Necklace & Bracelet Set





A unisex matching necklace and bracelet set handmade from scratch upon order request, made with love & light using 8mm Gemstone Beads of Red Agate, Orange Aventurine, Yellow Calcite, Green Aventurine, Blue Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst along with black frosted matte glass beads, Buddha beads, rondelle faceted beads & rhinestone spacer beads. 


  • Pendant size: 25mm x 25mm
  • Necklace length: Optional
  • Bracelet size: One size – unisex – 7.5″
  • Material: Plated Zinc Alloy


Scroll down to read the crystal metaphysical and healing properties and symbol meaning in the description below.




Om or (Aum) – An ancient symbol and mantra seen in Ancient and present Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. The universe is built on frequencies, tones and sounds, according to the ancient Hindu & Buddhist teachings, the Aum mantra is considered the primordial frequency of the universe and the baseline of all that exists. This symbol acts as a reminder of the infinite creative possibilities with sound.

Buddha – The word ‘Buddha’ is a title, which means ‘one who is awake’ — in the sense of having ‘woken up to reality’. The Buddha was not a god and he made no claim to divinity. He was a human being who, through tremendous effort of heart and mind, transformed all limitations. Buddhists see him as an ideal human being, and a guide who can lead us all towards Enlightenment. Wearing an item symbolising Buddha may help the wearer gain a clearer view of what their path holds and how to better enlighten one’s self.


Black Onyx – Embodying the elemental Earth energy and benefitting the Root Chakra. It increases self-realisation, encourages self confidence, enhances concentration power in an individual and removes all grief or negative thoughts from ones life. It also acts as a very strong protective gemstone that provides protection against hexes and psychic attacks. Black onyx is also a perfect stone for restoring personal energy and can be used for enhancing the power of self control and ability of taking right decision. It also helps in getting rid of problems like depression and loneliness.

Larvikite – Associated with the Earth element, this stone resonates with the Third Eye and Root Chakra. It is a grounding and protection stone which stimulates visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It also repels negative energy and is cleansing to assist in a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature. Also good with those seeking to learn new knowledge, assists in brain patterns and benefits learning. Good for skin problems, renewing and maintaining vitality, and also known to also help with metabolism problems.

Amethyst – A stone relating to the element of Air which resonates with the Crown Chakra. it is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. Amethyst is excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. Emotionally, amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal losses and grief. It ‘s gentle energy can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. Amethyst is used towards benefitting the immune system and to help improve insomnia and sooth nightmares.

Lapis Lazuli – Embodying the elemental qualities of Water, and assisting the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. This stone has been favoured and adorned all throughout history dating back thousands of years, especially in golden dynastic ages. The ancient Egyptians adorned this stone and wore it in jewellery and it was often seen in burial chambers. This stone is known to stimulate a higher state of mind, enhance the channelling of knowledge and wisdom, encourages honesty within its wearer. Known to assist with medical problems such as menstrual pains, inflammatories, eye infections. 

Blue Aventurine – Combines the elements of Wind and Water working beneficially with the Third Eye & Throat Chakras. A gentle stone that resonates from the mind to the heart, working calmly, rationally, and steadily. It encourages open and honest communication and speaking one’s mind and heart. It enhances the masculine energy in both males and females, and is a stone of self-discipline and inner strength, assisting one in making clear decisions and sticking by them.

Green Aventurine – Resonates with the earth element and associates with the Third Eye &Throat Chakras. Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” considered a very lucky crystal, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favour in competitions or games of chance. This beautiful stone is one that aligns conditions so “opportunity” is inevitable. It brings optimism and assists in the release of old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It enhances one’s creativity, motivation, and encourages decisiveness.

Yellow Calcite – Encouraging self confidence and hope; it is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns. It assists with channeling, intuitive awareness, shamanic work, and other psychic activities. It will help you relax but it will also give you energy to move forward with your life. In the physical realm, it is said to benefit health problems in the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine.

Orange Aventurine – Associated with the Fire element, helps clear blockages in the Sacral Chakra. This stone manifests exciting new possibilities, good luck and fortune. It has been called the “Whisper Stone” since the energy of this stone helps to quiet the critical and judgmental inner voice. A calming stone that assists in deep meditation and can amplify and focus energies of creativity and determination, encouraging new ways to overcome challenges in one’s life. Empowers a self-worth, powerful tool for focusing prana (life force) and raising confidence.

Red Agate – Resonating with the element of Fire and the Solar Plexus Chakra , this stone assist with It will help bring about any changes you desire or need within your life. It will help to cleanse and protect your aura. promote calm and peace, this good luck bringer may be used both for business as well as your private life. Known to be good for the assistance of healing blood diseases. 

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Silver, Gold


24″, 26", 28”


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