New Gold Aura’s was established in 2015 but I have been creating and designing jewellery since 2013. New Gold Aura's was initiated due to my admiration and appreciation of the spiritual mastery accomplished by our ancestors in The Golden Age. My aim is to keep the memories and present etheric energies of our ancestors alive by recognising, representing and innerstanding the knowledge and symbols left behind in ancient artefacts dating back further than what we have ever been previously systematically taught. 


I create with love and light and hope this brand beholds more than a perception of fashion, but modern day fashion with divine intention and meaning. The intention and meaning being that with enlightening our brothers & sisters with this knowledge behind the jewellery, it encourages the power to tap in to their divine ancestry and soul meaning. 


The name of this brand was chosen due to the universoul resonating meaning of a Gold Aura:- The colour of enlightenment & divine protection. When gold is seen in the aura it indicates wisdom, inner knowledge, protection, guidance and a connection to the higher realm. If you may not necessarily recognise yourself as residing within a gold auric field but instead a different divine colour, it is not to say you can not embrace the resonating qualities of another as its meaning is not bound to the auric field.


I am honoured to provide you with the knowledge and meanings behind all of the symbols and the qualities behind the gemstones incorporated in my jewellery so you can choose the most suitable adornment for you or your loved one.


With love from New Gold Aura’s founder and designer 

Cheyenne / Gold Aura Chey

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