Fertility/Pregnancy Waist Beads

Fertility/Pregnancy Waist Beads


(PLEASE NOTE - Price will vary depending on measurements, if you cant see your measurement on the list then please select the closest measurement and add a note to your purchase on the checkout page specifying your measurements in inches)

These divine waist beads were handmade with love & light on elastic stretch wire, using Amethyst & Rose Quartz Crystal Beads accompanied by 4mm glass seed beads in pink, white, pearl and goldtone. The bail is gold plated stainless steel and you can chose your measurements. This adornment has been cleansed and reiki charged.




Healing Element: Air

Healing Chakra: Crown

Healing Properties: A meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, peace, and is excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It provides a protective psychic shield against evil eye and safeguard you from accidents and misfortunes. Emotionally, amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal losses and grief. It ‘s gentle energy can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. Amethyst is used towards benefitting the immune system and to help improve insomnia and sooth nightmares.

Rose Quartz

Healing Element: Earth

Healing Chakra: Heart

Healing Properties: Resonating with the heart chakra, it enhances divine unconditional love, compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. As a. nurturning stone it eases stress with fertility and the female reproductive system which helps to increase fertility and alleviates fears during pregnancy and childbirth. It guides the release of emotional patterns that hold us back, and allowing us to embrace higher and finer frequencies of light. While reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it can assist with dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a divine loving energy throughout the entire aura.



The Ankh - A symbol seen regularly used in Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Golden Age, the original symbolic representation of eternal life created by indigenous Africans of the Nile Valley. Also referred to as the Master Key, it illustrates both male and female reproductive organs representing the divine universal balance of energy. A symbolic representation of both physical and eternal life, regarded as a key to eternal life after death.

Flower of Life – An ancient symbol found all over the world free from religious meaning, it represents multiple facets of universal knowledge including advanced geometry. This ancient and sacred symbol reflects one of the stages in the Embryonic development of the cells multiplying.From inside the flower of life comes the Vesica Piscis symbol , which represents creation or the “womb of The Universe”.

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