Hexagram Necklace

Hexagram Necklace


A symbollic unisex silver necklace embodying the 6 pointed star called a hexagram but widely known as The Star of David.

Length: 20” + 2" extender chain

Pendant Size: 1.8”

Materials: 316L Stainless Steel



The Star of David - This 6 pointed star is created with 2 opposing triangles making a hexagram shape, generally recognised as symbol of modern Jewish & Judaism identity. But 2016 findings show evidence that was actually present in hieroglyphs carved into temples in Egypt, which has caused upset in the Jewish community. This 2016 finding shows that the symbol embodies more of an ancient meaning that us modern humans may be aware of. Rastafarianism & Kabbalism also recognises and embraces this symbol in their culture.


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