Larvikite Eye of Heru Bracelet

Larvikite Eye of Heru Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet is handmade with love & light using 8mm Larvikite Crystal Beads, then finnished with a beautiful ancient Kemetic Eye of Heru pendant. This adornment has been cleansed and reiki charged.



The Eye of Heru - The Egyptians called this the Wadjet and it represented the human eye with the markings of the Peregrine Falcon, the lord of the skies and faster than any other bird with the sharpest eyesight of all. The ancestors believed this symbol invoked the all-seeing protective qualities of their God Heru the Falcon headed-man. It is a symbol seen regularly used in Ancient Egyptian's Golden Age. It is a representation of the pineal gland, also know as our Third Eye. The pineal gland releases DMT which is the souls access to the spiritual world.




Healing Element: Earth

Healing Chakra: Third Eye & Root

Healing Properties: It is a grounding and protection stone which stimulates visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It also repels negative energy and is cleansing to assist in a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature. Also good with those seeking to learn new knowledge, assists in brain patterns and benefits learning. Good for skin problems, renewing and maintaining vitality, and also known to also help with metabolism problems.

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