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Seed & Crystal Egypt Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet is a collaboration between New Gold Aura's crystals & pendants with Goki's Natural Tree & Plant Seed Beads. It has been handmade with love & light using 14mm Seed Beads, 10mm Seed Beads & 8mm Gold Hematite Crystal Beads, then finnished with a beautiful ancient Kemetic Eye of Heru pendant. The beads measures at 7.5" and this adornment has been cleansed and reiki charged.



The Eye of Heru - The Egyptians called this the Wadjet and it represented the human eye with the markings of the Peregrine Falcon, the lord of the skies and faster than any other bird with the sharpest eyesight of all. The ancestors believed this symbol invoked the all-seeing protective qualities of their God Heru the Falcon headed-man. It is a symbol seen regularly used in Ancient Egyptian's Golden Age. It is a representation of the pineal gland, also know as our Third Eye. The pineal gland releases DMT which is the souls access to the spiritual world.



Gold Hematite

Healing Element: Earth

Healing Chakra: Root

Healing Properties: A protective and grounding stone, making it a great tool for meditation. This stone shields the wearer with protection and repels negative external energies, in turn, enhancing self inner strength. Any existing negative energy existing within the aura will be drawn to the root chakra with assistance from the gemstone where it will neutralise. Known to assist with the balance of alignment with the nervous system.