Yin Yang Crystal Necklace

Yin Yang Crystal Necklace


This unisex crystal necklace was handmade with love & light using White Howlite & Black Onyx 8mm Crystal Beads, then finnished with a beautiful Yin Yang pendant made with a fusion of White Howlite & Black Onyx. The bail is stainless steel and the beads measure at 22" and pendant at 1.5". This adornment has been cleansed and reiki charged.



White Howlite 

Healing Element: Earth

Healing Chakra: The Third Eye

Healing Properties: A very calming stone that can assist with the relief of stress and or anger. It facilitates the power of communication, motivates emotional expression and enhances awareness. It can also be used to release attachments to old emotional pain, from this life or a past life, to the present allowing you the ability to process those emotions and bring peace in those areas. Additionally, as this is a gemstone of awareness and can prepare the user or wearer in dimensional travel and healthy meditation to receive wisdom from the Higher Self and the Divine. Howlite is known to balance calcium levels in the body, as well as relieving insomnia and anxiety. 

Black Onyx 

Healing Element: Earth

Healing Chakra: Root

Healing Properties: It increases self-realisation, encourages self confidence, enhances concentration power in an individual and removes all grief or negative thoughts from ones life. It also acts as a very strong protective gemstone that provides protection against hexes and psychic attacks. Black onyx is also a perfect stone for restoring personal energy and can be used for enhancing the power of self control and ability of taking right decision. It also helps in getting rid of problems like depression and loneliness.

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